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You have decided to take on a challenge that has fallen onto your lap. It looks easy, and you jump right in. Soon you are giving it your all. You tell everyone you come in contact with about this new found opportunity. The energy has created a momentum and is carrying you away. But if you're anything like me (now that you've committed yourself), you're thinking, "This is not as easy as I thought." How do you know if you have what it takes? If you approach your challenge with due diligence, success may be right around the corner for you.

Determination and Drive

Diligence requires determination and drive. Remind yourself that the challenge will probably take some time. This usually means that you have to consider what it will cost you in time and energy. If at all possible, set aside a specific time of day that you can dedicate. For me, night hours are best. What is it you are working towards? Personally, I'm not necessarily in it for immediate monetary satisfaction. I'd rather learn a skill. If that leads to monetary gain, all the better. How badly you want to reach your goal will determine the drive that gets you there.


We all need direction when undertaking something larger than ourselves. The challenges I have come across are very "do-able" and present everything in increments. Sometimes, there may be things that are difficult to comprehend because of a lack of experience. That doesn't mean you are out of the running. This is where another warm body can be of help. There are always people involved that have experienced the same roadblocks. Usually, there are forums where these discussions are held. If need be, ask if they IM, or if they are on Skype. In some cases, you may find yourself exchanging phone numbers. Besides, not only will you receive direction, you will make new friends. An added plus overall!

Once you realize what it takes to get you through your challenge, nothing is impossible. Remember that everything has a cost, you must determine whether you can afford it. What do you want to gain from the challenge and is it going to be something that will be worthwhile to you overall? Don't be afraid to get involved. This will work to help you find encouragement when you need it. The results will be added momentum to drive you through to the finish.

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With Due Diligence

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This article was published on 2010/04/03