Tricks And Treats - Taming The Halloween Monster

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How many candy bars can you consume before you even realize you are standing in front of the candy jar?

Is it one for the kids and one for you every time you answer the door on Halloween Night?

You all know what your weakness is on Halloween night and how about all of those leftovers the next day? Im not even talking about the loot your school-aged kids bring home.

I am getting a sugar high just thinking about all of those Snickers bars.

How many extra calories do you take in as a result of Halloween?

What challenge could you possibly present yourself with to destroy the calorie monsters hiding in all of that candy?

If you are like me, you have been doing pretty good but the big season of treats and parties is just about upon us. Do you hear the clock ticking...
Normally most of us throw our good intentions out the window and slide into sugar comas until January 1st. Then we come out feeling absolutely horrible, bloated and fat.

Ugh - give me a hammer now so I can put myself out of my misery!

This year can be different however. I present to you the following Halloween Challenge...

Do you remember that commercial as a kids with the owl up in a tree asking how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? Or how about the Lays Potato Chip slogan - I bet you cant each just one?

The makers of candy and junk food know we are hooked. They taunt us with our weakness. Even though they know we are going to beat ourselves up after we overindulge, they still persist in flaunting their sugary and salty yumminess if front of us.
This can be the year you crush them. Take the Halloween Challenge.

Dont eat a single piece of Halloween candy between now and November 6. That is one week and a few days.

During this time you have do the following tricks:


1. If you already bought candy - put it in a box and tape it shut with duct tape so you cant get into it until Halloween night. Go at it - use the whole roll if you want. Make it so theres no way your getting into that box.
2. If you havent bought candy yet, wait until Saturday afternoon to do so. (The candy will be on sale so you are going to save money!)
3. Buy candy you hate - root beer lollipops and hard candy are my least favorite. What is yours?
4. If you have the guts, buy non-candy treats like tattoos, bug rings, plastic worms, etc.


1. Brush your teeth before the doorbell rings for the first time or keep a tray of mints near the door. You will be less likely to want sugar when your mouth is minty fresh.
2. If you already had a candy stash before reading this, make sure you give away your favorite candy first on Halloween night. Save your least favorite for the end in case you are stuck with leftovers.
3. When it is getting late, start giving away handfuls of candy. Try to run out by the end of the night.
4. Keep brushing your teeth after every meal.
5. Drink a craving buster tea like Sweet Tamer or a mint tea.


1. Take any candy you have left over and pack it back in the box you had at the beginning of the night and reseal it.
2. Bring leftovers to your work, your doctors office, your hair appointment, or anywhere else where you wont have access to it.
3. If you have kids who have a ton of candy they collected, ask them to store it in their bedroom or hide it anywhere in the house as long as you wont find it.
4. Throw out any candy that they dont want regardless of whether or not you like it.


On November 6, if you met your challenge of NO CANDY, you get to treat yourself to whatever it is that you have had your eye on. Have you been wanting a particular jacket, some new lingerie, how about a pair of strappy heels? Buy that one thing that feels like a special treat.

If you ate the candy, you cant get the reward. Make the reward so much more appealing than the short term gratification of a candy bar.

One last thing - you need to make your challenge public and put it in writing. Create a Halloween commitment certificate, sign it and have your kids or your co-worker sign it. Choose someone who will easily know if you cheated.

Now it is official - you have made the commitment to tame the Halloween Calorie Monster.
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Tricks And Treats - Taming The Halloween Monster

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This article was published on 2010/10/27