How the Marines Use Their Challenge Coin to Commemorate Where They Have Served

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For decades, challenge coins have been a symbol of hope and perseverance during difficult times.  Military units deployed in combat zones hold fast to these items because they remind them of the time that they spent defending our country and the people that they encountered along the way.


In addition to their sentimental value, challenge coins are known to be a positive tool used by the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.  The verifiable symbols of accomplishment have been used to motivate troops worldwide and are extremely beneficial in building personal and professional relationships.


As a designer and manufacturer of custom challenge coins, we have had the pleasure of working with different military units throughout the years.  We created the following design for the US Marines as a way of solidifying the unit and giving them a keepsake that they could bring back with them to the States.  In addition to highlighting the Marine Corp logo on one side, we were able to include the country where the troops were stationed on the other side.


Benefits of Custom Challenge Coins

Double-sided challenge coins are great for this reason.  They essentially serve as two different designs on one coin.  This is especially beneficial for groups with local chapters or units of nationally known organizations.  These challenge coins are often used to form friendships with local people in the countries where the troops are stationed.  This can be advantageous for many reasons.  Having some local friends can help a person adjust to different environments easier.


In addition to their potential to establish relationships with foreigners, custom challenge coins can be used to promote teamwork and camaraderie within a unit.  Members of the military learn to trust and believe in the men and women that are stationed alongside them.  This is especially helpful in war zones where security is of utmost importance.


Designing a Coin for Your Unit

There are a number of ways to make your challenge coins distinctive.  You can customize the size, shape, colors, and style of your products.  You can also include whatever identifying information that you feel is appropriate for your military unit.  This can be a symbol, photograph or motto.  These items serve as a direct reflection of the type of message that you are trying to convey.


For a truly personal way to commemorate your troops, consider the positive impact of custom challenge coins.  Call 1-800-480-6822 or email for a quote today.

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How the Marines Use Their Challenge Coin to Commemorate Where They Have Served

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This article was published on 2010/09/08