3 Lessons Learned From the 100 Articles in 100 Days Marathon Challenge

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After completing the 100 Articles In 100 Days Marathon Challenge, I realized there were a few lessons I had learned along the way. These lessons were in fact some of the primary reasons I was successful. Below are they are listed and why I think they worked in helping me reach my article writing goals:

1. Just Do It - I was afraid to start this challenge because I didn't think I could write 100 articles... let alone do it in 100 days. I mean who was I fooling, I had only 13 live articles.

But, then I figured... what the H E double tooth picks - What was the worst that could happen? I could join and do nothing, and would be no further along than if I didn't join... Nothing lost, noting gained. I could join and write 15, 20 or 25 articles. Basically I would double or even triple the amount of live articles... Imagine, doubling or tripling your results in 100 days. Or, I could join and actually finish the the marathon challenge. It had occurred to me there was no downside to this challenge.

2. Stay on Target - Over the course of 100 days it was so easy to get distracted by other opportunities. There are a lot of shiny new things out there to draw your attention away from your goals. In fact, it happened to me a couple of times.

3. Push through obstacles - Any goal worth achieving will be littered with obstacles. And the bigger the goal, the more obstacles you will run into. Also you will find each person's obstacles are going to be unique to them.

For me, my biggest obstacles was waiting for account upgrades. It would take several days to a week or more to get upgraded to the next level. Now, during this time I couldn't publish any new articles. I just had to wait. I realized I was falling behind as each day passed while waiting.

So, instead of sitting on my hands and doing nothing I just kept writing articles and saving them in the draft folder at EzineArticles. This way when I was approved and upgraded to the next level, I would have be ready to submit the saved articles. This allowed me to keep writing on a daily basis, and kept me on track.

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3 Lessons Learned From the 100 Articles in 100 Days Marathon Challenge

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This article was published on 2010/03/28